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Special Activities

Special Activities



Welcome to the Jewish Kids Club!

​Give your child a fun and exciting Jewish experience! Give them a chance to learn Hebrew - conversational and reading - Jewish songs, art, cooking, Krav Maga and more! Bring a 3,000 year heritage alive with fun activities!

 Underwritten by Stephen and Jane Hochberg 

1Hebrew.pngLearn How to read and speak modern Hebrew using the Aleph Champ Program with Bianca Sivan!

2 art.png

Join artist Yaszmina Nedboy and create beautiful Jewish art projects and crafts!


Sing traditional Jewish songs with musician Deborah Ungar!


Create Jewish themed ceramics from scratch with Elaine Woldorsky!

6Krav Maga.png

Learn Krav Maga, an Israeli method of self-defense with instructor Heather Rider!


Cook traditional Jewish foods with Devorah Leah Levertov!

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