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Purim in the Jungle!

Purim in the Jungle!


Robert Sacks

The Ritter Family, The Preskin Family, Elena Giacomin,
Marvin Schneider, The Warshawer Family, The Schlenger Family, The Bell Family, Joan Grossman at Santa Fe Properties,
Stephen and Jane Hochberg, Judy Moore-Kraichnan, The Lieberman Family, The Ovitsky Family, The Pava Family, The Patt Family, Howard Stone, The Pretto Family, Stephanie and Ari Rosen, and Paul Walsky
Purim sponsors, invite you to:

6:00-6:30: Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres with drum circle!
6:30-7:00: Multimedia Megillah reading!
7:00-8:30: African Jungle Dinner!
Chicken Curry, Peanut Potato Stew, Hot and Sour Cabbage, Yellow Rice, Mint, herb & Wild Greens, Chicken Cashew Soup, Pineapple Jungle Fool, Hamentashen in 5 Flavors!
8:00: Masquerade, Jungle Birds!
8:30: Live African music!

Adults $25. Children $11. Before 3/20 $20/$10.
Sponsors $180 (includes 3 tickets)

Other Megillah Readings:
March 23, 7:30pm • March 24, 9:00am

At the Santa Fe Jewish Center • 230 West Manhattan Ave.

Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres_6-630pm.png

Drum Circle_6-630pm.png

Multimedia megillah reading_630-7pm.png

African Jungle Dinner 7-830pm.png

Masquerade 815.png

Live Music with Agalu Cultural Troupe Nigeria 830pm

Brought to you by the Purim Committee.png

Purim Committee: Brooke Remmert, Sharon Samuels, Ron and GloriaHart, Joan Grossman, Marvin Schnieder, Kristina Harrigan

RSVP click here. adults $25 children $11 before 3/20 $20/$10.png

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