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Judaism. Done. Joyfully.
Chabad believes that community is vital for the growth of the human spirit.

We, therefore, provide a space where people come together to celebrate, to study, to care, to heal, and to mourn. Chabad's goal is to encourage people to live a more meaningful life by sharing their passions, ideas and inspirations with others; to care for others in their community, and to be cared for by others in turn.

We provide Jewish oriented programs, events, lectures, prayer services, study groups, outings and meals that bring people together in a shared interdependent space where they can grow together.

Join us at one of our upcoming events and see for yourself!
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Learning & Inspiration
  • 10 Facts You Should Know About Queen Salome AlexandraA ruler from ancient Judea's Second Temple times, she embodied nobility and righteousness. Read More
  • Easy Cherry-Cheese Tarts for Shavuot Read More
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