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Friday, June 10
7:00 pm - Shabbat Dinner

Saturday, June 11
10:00 am - Shabbat Services and Kiddush

The Kabbalah of Shavuot
9:00 pm - Shavuot Services and Dinner
10:30 pm -
all Night Study!

Sunday, June 12
10:00 am - Holiday Services
11:30 am - Reading of the Ten Commandments
And Traditional Dairy Lunch!
1:00 pm - Ten for Ten!
Experience insightful talks by ten community
members for ten minutes each!

The Making of Fractured Faiths
The inside story of the incredible exhibit on Spanish Jews in the NM History Museum.
With Anthropologist Ron Duncan Hart

Sinai and the Chuppah
How Sinai represents the marriage of G‑d and His people.
With Rabbi Levi Sharfstein

How Counting of the Omer Enhanced My Life
Shavuot culiminates the counting of the 49 days of personal reflection and growth.
With Judy Moore Kraichnan

Keeping Your Brain Young
How Jews kept their edge in society through study.
With Neurologist Dr. Paul Walsky

A Niggun
Learn a Chassidic tune!
With Chazzan Dr. Yehudah Patt

The Eleventh Commandment
With Author Judith Fein

The Kabbalah of Love and Joy
From the teachings of the Chassidic Master and Mystic, The Ba'al Shem Tov in honor of his 256 Yartzeit
With Rabbi Bentzion Pearson
A Brief History of Jews in Classical Music
With Steven Ovitsky

On Angels and Cheesecake
A fascinating dialogue between Moses and the Angels
With Rabbi Berel Levertov

Left Brain, Right Brain, Moses, and Monotheism
With Psychologist Bill Bernstein
Monday, June 13
10:00 am - Holiday Services
11:30 am - Yizkor services followed by Pastrami Lunch