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Join your community for a delicious, mouth-watering, inspirational, meaningful Shabbat dinners and lunches. Every week we gather for uplifting Shabbat services, followed by a dinner or lunch and a guest speaker addressing various interesting topics.


Friday Evening: 
Summer 7:30 pm. Winter 6:00 pm.

Saturday Morning:
9:30 am - Kabbalah Study 
10:00 am - Shabbat Services and Lunch


  • Locals: $20 Dinner, Free Kiddush Lunch
  • Out-of-town guest: Dinner $30, Kiddush Lunch $25, Both $50.
  • Click here for reservations Please confirm there will be a Friday night dinner before signing up.  [email protected]   

Upcoming and Latest Dinners: 



May 10, 2019, 7:00 pm

In a Desert Land
Shabbat Dinner With Israeli Artist Neil Folberg

Songs, insights and scrumptious dinner. RSVP  here 

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A former student of the American landscape photographer  Ansel Adams, Neil Folberg is known for his color landscapes of the Middle East and black-and-white techniques that champion the wizardry of his master teacher. Born in San Francisco, Folberg became a pupil of Adams at age 17, followed by his education at the University of California at Berkeley and individualized study with landscape photographer William Garnett. By 1976, Folberg had relocated to Jerusalem, where he began producing color landscapes throughout the deserts of Israel, Egypt, and Jordan. Folberg was commissioned by Aperture to document synagogues across the world, followed by a return to black-and-white in a series of night skies among ancient ruins of the Middle East, where separate images of the landscape and burned-in skies were digitally composited (a sure nod to Adams’ techniques.)


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November 16, 2018, 6:00 pm

Shabbat Italian Dinner
Boys in Today's Society 

with guest speaker Paul Golding

Songs, insights and scrumptious Italian dinner. RSVP  here 


DtvI10685370.jpgTwenty years ago as a new Big Brother and as President of the Santa Fe Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization, Paul became interested in what was happening to boys, the so called “boy crisis.” In addition to his experience with his little brother, Jacob, and editing the Santa Fe Boys Newsletter, he pursued this subject in research for his PhD in psychology and started the Santa Fe Boys Educational Foundation and the Boys at Risk series of conferences and publications.

Tonight, he will talk about the work of his Santa Fe Boys Educational Foundation, which has focused on a series of conferences and publications on the subject of “boys at risk.” He will describe how he became interested in this topic and what the term means. Paul will also talk about the foundation’s May 2019 conference at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center on the “Early Origins of Male Violence.” 

Before Santa Fe, Paul was an economist with the International Trade Commission and with the US Agency for International Development. He studied at Brown University and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University. He lived and worked in Nigeria, Costa Rica, and India and along the way learned enough Hindi to co-translate a collection of short stories about the sacred city of Varanasi, published as Tales of Banaras: The Flowing Ganges (1997).



Community Shabbat Chinese Dinner 

October 19, 2018 - 6:00 pm

Answering The Call
How volunteering for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts affected our lives.

With guest speakers Barry and Audrey Schrager

Songs, insights and scrumptious Chinese themed dinner. RSVP here

Barry & Audrey SchragerAudrey Stein Goldings M.D. is a retired Neurologist and Sleep Medicine specialist and Barry Schrager D.P.M. both were in private practice and  held clinical positions at Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. Since living in Santa Fe five years, Barry volunteered at the Indian Health Hospital diabetic foot clinic and Audrey examined veterans who had head injuries. Tutoring in the Santa Fe schools is a way for them to give back to the community. 

On August 29th, 2005 they responded to a  message from their Rabbi: help resettle busloads of people evacuating New Orleans  soon arriving at the Dallas  Convention Center. Audrey and Barry describe how in answering that call it changed their life. 



August 17-18 

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July 13, 7:30 PM

From Parking Lot to Hospital—In 72 Hours  Israel's Emergency and Disaster Management


Shabbat Dinner w​ith guest speaker Amiel Farnam

​Get an inside view on how Israel responds to emergencies and disasters from terrorist threats, and incidents to refugee situations and overseas natural disasters. Get to know their techniques and hear how they've managed to become one of the the world's top disaster responders.

unnamed.jpgAmiel Farnam has an an Executive Masters of Public Health in Emergency & Disaster Management from Tel Aviv University, a Master’s degree in Medical Sciences. Being educated in Emergency and Disaster Management in Israel has given ​him the privilege of being part of the most technologically advanced country in terms of safety, homeland security, humanitarian work and military strategy. 

​His educational and field experiences have provided ​him with the knowledge and skills to successfully analyze and develop strategies to manage the planning, response, and recovery for all emergencies: natural or man made disasters, mass casualty events, terrorist attacks, refugee situations, and humanitarian aid management.


  Friday, June 8, 7:30PM

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Secrets of Letting Go To Live a More Joyful Life

By Laura Preskin


Laura Preskin, daughter of Bernard Preskin, lives in Edgemont, NY with her husband Brian Kempner. Also a mother of two wonderful grown up boys, Ethan and Ross Kempner.


Laura is the founder and owner of  Yaffa Activewear, a luxury sun protection women’s clothing brand. Laura also is a licensed  and certified  social workerand has over 10 years experiencing counseling adults with anxiety disorders. 

In the past two years, Laura has spend time exploring the areas of  healing, meditation, prayer and Torah for her own spiritual and personal growth. Join us for Shabbat Dinner and talk with Laura and her father June 8, 2018, 7:30pm. At 509 Camino de los Marquez Suite 4