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How was your week? Are you OisgeZoomt?

It's Erev Shabbat and tomorrow, Friday we welcome the Shabbat by lighting Shabbat candles at 8:05pm

But before that. Have you put in your order for a Shabbat Care Package? Be sure to pick up the bags. Special surprise in honor of the special Shabbat of 12 Tammuz at 1505 Galisteo. We thank Elena Giacomin for sponsoring this week's packages!

Join us for a pre-Shabbat Kabbalah class 6:00pm Friday, and 10:00 Shabbat morning services at Chabad on Marquez.

Whew, how the week just Zoomed by 😉🙄.

On Friday we had the honor of laying to rest 100 year old Trudy Blitz, with many people participating in the funeral via Zoom.

On Sunday we participated in a Zoom bris for baby Asher Emanual Teutsch (Mazal Tov proud parents Jason and Karen!). Luckily the mohel drove in from Denver rather than doing it remotely.

Sunday and Tuesday we participated in our son Mendel's Talmud class from New York on Zoom.

Wednesday we participated in our nieces wedding in France via zoom. We also did a shiva for Trudy via Zoom with participants from far and wide.

Do you feel "OisgeZoomed" (Zoomed out)?

While some are feeling drained by all the zoom gatherings, there's definitely a silver lining in that we are able to participate and be part of events, which we would not have been able to without it.

While the funeral had a limited amount of people  present, it had many more who would otherwise not have participated from New York and Rhode Island.

While we really wanted to go to Paris for my brother's eldest daughter's wedding to a Rabbi from Berlin, all our children were able to participate with many more around the world.

Zoom also made it possible for 100,000 Jews from around the world to connect last Wednesday and be inspired on the Rebbe's yartzait.

While we cannot gather in person, we still can keep up our friendships and sense of community. We can even meet new friends!

So if you haven't yet joined one of our zoom gatherings, we invite you to take this small step and connect. We would love to hear and see you.

Intimidated? Don't know how to use zoom? It's pretty simple, you don't need zoom installed on your computer. Just visit www.santafejcc.com/virtual and you will enter our meeting space.

Still cannot? You can call in via phone!

Dial  346-248-7799  and enter meeting ID: 292-476-7742 

Come give it a try! We think you would like it!

  • In-depth Talmud: Sunday and Tuesday 5:00 pm join here.
  • Torah class Monday at 5:00 pm and Kabbalah class Friday 6:00 pm  join here.

Next Thursday, July 9, marks the fast day of 17th of Tammuz, the day the walls of Jerusalem were breached which lead to the Temple being destroyed.

We fast Thursday, 4:17am to 8:51pm. Join us Thursday 10:00am for a special Fast Day prayer service and Torah reading in honor of the fast day at the Shul on Marquez.

A very special Happy Birthday to Devorah Leah!

Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Berel and Devorah Levertov



Zoom Happy Hour. Holy Hour!

Jewish Study and Exploration. 

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Or call in by phone 346-248-7799  
Meeting ID: 292-476-7742

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Wisdom of the Talmud
Sacks Judaic Studies

Sundays 5:00pm 
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Delve into the intricate web of Jewish law and lore and explore the beautiful tapestry of Talmudic logic that has gripped the imagination of scholars, philosophers and theologians for 1,800 years!

Rabbi Mendel Levertov 


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Parsha Study Group
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Explore the depths of the weekly Torah reading with textual analysis and Kabbalistic insights. Ancient wisdom for modern times. With Rabbi Berel Levertov



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Kabbalah Study
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Uncover the hidden dimension in the ideas and insights found in the weekly Torah portion. Understand the creation and Creator in a deep, meaningful way.

With Rabbi Berel Levertov

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Weekly Parshah

Parshat Chukat-Balak

Moses is taught the laws of the Red Heifer, whose ashes purify a person who has been contaminated by contact with a dead body.

After 40 years of journeying through the desert, the people of Israel arrive in the wilderness of Zin. Miriam dies and the people thirst for water. G-d tells Moses to speak to a rock and command it to give water. Moses gets angry at the rebellious Israelites and strikes the stone. Water issues forth, but Moses is told by G-d that neither he nor Aaron will enter the Promised Land.

Aaron dies at Hor Hahar and is succeeded in the High Priesthood by his son Elazar. Venomous snakes attack the Israelite camp after yet another eruption of discontent in which the people "speak against G-d and Moses"; G-d tells Moses to place a brass serpent upon a high pole, and all who will gaze heavenward will be healed. The people sing a song in honor of the miraculous well that provided the water in the desert. Moses leads the people in battles against the Emorite kings Sichon and Og (who seek to prevent Israel's passage through their territory) and conquers their lands, which lie east of the Jordan.

Balak, the King of Moab, summons the prophet Balaam to curse the people of Israel. On the way, Balaam is berated by his donkey, who sees the angel that G-d sends to block their way before Balaam does. Three times, from three different vantage points, Balaam attempts to pronounce his curses; each time, blessings issue instead. Balaam also prophecies on the end of days and the coming of Moshiach.

The people fall prey to the charms of the daughters of Moab and are enticed to worship the idol Peor. When a high-ranking Israelite official publicly takes a Midianite princess into a tent, Pinchas kills them both, stopping the plague raging among the people.


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