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He didn’t want to light the Menorah. . .

He walked into the Jewish Center. 

He sat down and we chatted. 

Life wasn’t going well for him. His health was deteriorating and he was stuck in a rut.

“Mark*, may I give you a menorah and candles for Chanukah next week?” I offered.

“No. I won’t be lighting candles this year. I really don’t feel up to it.”

“How about you take them and decide later if you will light them?”I urged.

“No. It won’t happen.”

First night of Chanukah there’s a knock on Mark’s door.

He opened the door.

He wasn’t expecting anyone, and was startled to see four smiling young yeshiva boys.

“Happy Chanukah! Can we come in?”

They made themselves at home, brought out the doughnuts and gelt, chatted, and then produced a menorah with candles.

“Can we help you light the candles?”

Mark was moved. 

“How did you know I didn’t have a menorah?”

“Rabbi Berel sent us.”

Mark lit the first Chanukah candles.

They sang and danced. They ignited a soul.

Mark was lucky. He had visited the Jewish center and was not forgotten.

But there are more people like Mark who have yet to be reached.

They are still waiting for the knock on the door. The phone call. The caring voice on the other end.

I'm reaching out to ask for your help.

Can you help me reach those other Marks with a little bit of light?

Four year old Adi was at Chabad’s Chanukah on the Plaza celebration munching on a doughnut he received.

Adi was mesmerized by the flickering flames atop the giant ten-foot Menorah. It was cool because it was sitting atop a five foot giant red chile! 

“Mom, can we light the candles at home tonight?”

“Sorry, our menorah is packed away and I couldn’t find it,” Jennifer* replied.

“But I would love to light my own menorah!”

Itai, a Chabad volunteer overheard the conversation.

“You need a menorah? Here let me get you one!”

Mom was delighted. They would kindle the flames of Chanukah after all.

Just then Congresswoman Teresa came by with a basket full of gelt, and handed one to Adi.

“A menorah AND gelt!”

Can you help Adi, Jennifer, Mark and so many others keep the lights shining in their lives?

We are going through a tough time. Covid has isolated so many people. 

They really need a loving hand. A caring heart. A Challah. A Menorah. A community meal. A visit from a rabbi. Some inspirational words. Some prayers. 

They can use a hug, they would love to hear some Jewish wisdom about coping with life’s challenges. 

But many are so isolated, they forgot how to reach out and be part of a community.

We need to reach out to them and draw them back into life.

Can you help draw them in?

Can you make a year-end contribution to help them cope?

“Rabbi, my gas has been turned off. They won’t turn it back on until I get my house fixed up and it no longer poses a health hazard.”

Barry* is living in a motel because his house is uninhabitable. He needs help getting everything fixed, or moving into assisted living.

Can you help Barry?

Your gift to the Jewish center will help coordinate volunteers to reach out to Barry and give him a helping hand to get his affairs in order.

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Mark, Jennifer, Barry and hundreds of others need your help to keep on going. 

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Let’s keep the light shining for our neighbors.

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Together we will make life brighter for our fellow Santa Feans!

Rabbi Berel and Devorah Levertov

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