We are pleased to offer a variety of Kosher food products for sale.

Here's the pricelist for Sept. 2020

Please contact Esther Levertov to purchase any items. [email protected]


Rib Steak Beef $21.99 per lb


Baby Lamb Chop $29.99 per lb


Brisket $11.69 per lb


Salami - classic beef/ chicken $9.99 per lb

Corned Beef $21.99 per lb

Beef Shoulder Pastrami $21.99 per lb

Chicken 8-Piece $3.50 per lb

Skinless Boneless Chicken Breast $5.42 per lb

Chicken Hot dogs (8-piece) $7.79 each

Frozen Gefilte Fish loaves $7.50 each

Whitefish salad (7 oz) $6.50 each

Shredded Mozzarella Cheese $7.39 per lb 

Cheddar (8 oz) $5.18 each

White American Sliced Cheese 3 lbs$22.94 each

Sweet Wine$8.50 per Bottle

Grape Juice 32 oz $3.00 per Bottle