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Update 10/27/23

Thanks to all the generous donors $28,450 has already been donated! 

We have upped our goal to $30,000.


Update 10/26/23

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for the warm and generous response to our Women Unite for Israel campaign!

We have reached half our goal, raising over $5,000 in one day!

While speaking with Rebbetzin Chani Leiberman today, we could hear booms in the background. She said “there are explosions happening and no sirens are going off, so no one knows what is going on”, giving us a small glimpse of the reality of life in southern Israel today.

They are very grateful for any assistance with the work they are doing and mentioned that local economic fear is forcing them to rely on donations from overseas more than ever.

A special friend of Chabad, Mr. Scott Seligman, heard of the Women's Circle campaign and offered to match up to $10,000 for this campaign for Ashkelon!

So with half already raised, we only have $5,000 to go to bring us to $20,000 to aid in this vital work!

Thank you so much to all who have joined in unity with the Jewish Women's Circle and Thank you for helping the soldiers and families in Israel.

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Camilla, Elena, Gloria, Yaszmina, Martha and Devorah Leah
on behalf of the Santa Fe Jewish Women's Circle

At our recent Jewish Women’s Circle meeting, the sense of warmth, closeness, and unity in the new Jewish Center's Faust Social Hall was palpable.

Many inspiring stories were shared. Stories of Israeli women who risked their lives in the past weeks to save and help others, igniting a strong desire in all of us to take action. While prayer, lighting candles, charity, and mitzvot are essential, more must be done to support our extended family in Israel.

Rebbetzin Chani Lieberman, speaking via Zoom from Chabad in Ashkelon, detailed the urgent needs of frontline soldiers, whose numbers now exceed available supplies, especially bulletproof vests and helmets. To address this, bulletproof vests are being ordered from Europe, each set costing $700.

As we sat and listened to this first hand account of the heartbreaking reality for so many families and the beautiful outpouring of help and love, we were all deeply moved and have decided that the Women’s Circle as a group will contribute by providing at least 10 bulletproof vests and helmets for the soldiers near Ashkeon, totaling $7,000.

As Mrs. Chani Lieberman described children confined to safe rooms all day, due to constant rocket attacks and the fear of not getting there in time, we would like to raise $3,000 for toys and books to be distributed to these families. 

The women in their community are joining forces to care for each other, from ensuring children have enough food, to comforting them as they grapple with their fathers fighting on the front lines. Here in Santa Fe, we would like to join forces and help them help each other.

Help us send $10,000 to Chabad in Ashkelon to purchase life saving vests and helmets and toys for kids.

Thank you for your generosity and support.

Camilla Mandler
Elena Giacomin
Gloria Abella Ballen
Yaszmina Nedboy
Devorah Leah Levertov
On behalf of the Santa Fe Jewish Women’s Circle


Three ways to donate

1. Donate

2. paypal.me/chaiashkelon

3. www.santafejcc.com/donate or send a check to the Women's Circle (we will pass it along to Ashkelon)

Please email Devorah Leah [email protected] once you've donated so we can keep track of our progress toward our goal.